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There are some useful tools that I have come across though my experiences. There are some tools that are useful for techies and others for regular users. All of the following programs  do not require licensing or purchasing.

  • Sysinternals’ Suite- This is a collection of troubleshooting tools that help with problems like determining which programs are running on start up using autoruns. Using TCPView to determine what connections are being made and your computer are making. As well as task manager on steriods such as process explorer and process monitor. Sysinternal Suite’s Download
  • Unlocker- Have you ever tried to delete a file or stop a program and get the error  that the “file is in use and the action cannot be performed”. This neat little program that helps you to determine which program is stopping you from deleting a file or stopping a program. It not only shows you what is locking the file or process it allows you to kill the process that is stopping you. You can try unlocker from here.
  • NMAP- This utility is used to scans networks for network exploration, inventory or security auditing purposes. You can try nmap from here.
  • Linux Utilities- This is for the linux buff that uses windows but wants the comfort and functionality of linux command line programs. Download from here.
  • Curl- Used to test various settings for websites. You can connect to a website fully from the command line and see the https headers and other connection information that will be useful to test connection and website issues. Link on how to use Curl
  • Putty- This is used to connect to remote devices such as ssh servers, computers, ftp servers, routers and switches. This program is typically used to administrate remote devices with minimal administrative effort.
  • Sun VirtualBox- This a program that allows you to test, configure and host virtual machines for your personal use. It is a noce program to have as to enable testing programs without risking the safety of your own machine.Video on how to install Virtual Box.

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