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Blackberry Recently released a scaled down version of their Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES). This product is free and has most of the functionality of its Full counterpart. It supports up to 30 devices at a time and 200 emails a day and a about 100 users in total. This release is more geared towards small businesses that would need the BES infrastructure for day to day business and convenience, but cant not afford the licensing or cannot justify spending that much on a licensing. If the company starts out with BES express and outgrows this version it is full upgradable to the full version allowing for full scalability.

The up and coming System Administrators can also benefit from this free software because this can have the time to play with it in a test environment and get comfortable with the features and ways of getting things done, with out having an employer having to train them. Thus making them more adverse and capable at the start of a job.

BES Express can be downloaded from the Blackberry Website registration is required for download.

The Welcome Screen for BES Express 5.0`

Role Management
Role Management


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