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I am Stephen a 6th semester student i the CTY program at Seneca. I am mainly interested in security and networking, but I believe this course will be useful and an interesting learning experience.
Email: sahall3[at]learn. senecac. on .ca
IRC Nickname:  sahall3
Seneca Wiki
Fedora Wiki

IRC Chat Excerpt:
<sahall3> perfect they upgrade the wireless network in time for us to graduate.
<ThaFuzz> perfect timing, just as we finish our final semester york will be getting a subway stop and new wireless
<ctyler> I’ve wondered if all this is temporary, that the idea of the school providing wireless will be as obsolete as the fact that the school used to provide dial-up networking — I think in a few years everyone might just be on 4G (or 5G?)
<sahall3> i will believe that when it happens
<t0mmyw> just in time for next years FSOSS.  🙂
<{{localhost}}> sahall3: what did they upgraded it to? 802.11g?

Software chosen to build from source was macchanger, I had to install gcc with yum install to be able to compile macchanger


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